corner office

corner office

A corner office.  Everyone wants one; it just means different things to different people.  It might mean a big office with a nice view for a corporate executive. Or maybe it is the much smaller branch of a bank where there is (a) still a teller and (b) that person knows your name! In my line of work, it often refers to the part of the living space that busy moms or dads claim in their home to carry out the management tasks of family life.  In addition, many people work from home now, so the space has to serve (at least) dual functions.

The good news is that defining this workspace doesn’t have to require a ton of your prime real estate.  This photo from a client shows an armoire that was re-purposed to become Mission Control for tasks related to her family and home-based business.  When not in use, it can sit unobtrusively in the corner with the doors closed, and it is a very attractive addition to the living room decor. When the doors are open, she has full access to everything that is needed to take care of family business (like tracking appointments and paying bills) and run a small business from home.

Here are some things to consider when defining your own corner office:

  • functions- what tasks need to be carried out in the space?
  • equipment- what items or supplies are needed to carry out those same tasks?
  • size- how much space do you need to do the work and store the related goods?
  • comfort- what ergonomic and lighting issues must be addressed for the space to work?
  • privacy- do you need/want it, or do you prefer to be physically accessible to the household members?
  • mobility- how easily can you move components or the entire set-up to other areas of your home?

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