use what you have

use what you have

When trying to get organized, many people make the mistake of buying a lot of things…books, containers, shelving units and the like to “create organization.” It seems like a good plan when you see all of the neatly arranged items in the stores and on-line. In reality, you might be adding to your clutter issue.  Ironic…and totally avoidable.

After gathering the items that you want to store, you will want to discard the items that are broken, unnecessary duplicates, or generally unwanted.  Only when it’s clear how much you are trying to store can you pick an appropriate storage solution.

Using items you already own to create storage solutions saves time and money, reduces both your clutter and your carbon footprint, and gives your home character.

I recommend creating storage solutions by re-purposing things you already own.  Use jars or glasses to hold items such as pens, scissors, and a letter opener that need to be easily reached.  The zippered bags that often serve as packaging for new sheets and curtains can be used to store puzzles or other projects with many small pieces.  Take a look around the space you are in right now and see what storage options are waiting to be discovered.

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