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leslie_huikko_professional_organizerI have been organizing for most of my life.  Seriously.

Let’s just say that as a child, I took more pleasure in re-arranging my bedroom closet than the average kid. Soon enough, I was organizing for other people. Now, as the owner of Nicely Done Organizing, I have made a career out of it.

Equipped with a business degree & masters in social work, I set out to make the world a better place through AmeriCorps VISTA and work at non-profit organizations. I quickly learned the importance of simplified processes and was challenged to make the most of limited resources. Most importantly, this work reinforced my belief that people have the ability to positively impact their own lives and those of others by making small-yet significant- changes.

As a professional organizer, I find it exceptionally rewarding to help clients make adjustments in their thought patterns, daily habits, and physical spaces that result in less chaos and more time to do the things they enjoy. No matter how big or small the project may be, I use organizing strategies that fit well with how you, the client, naturally operates. My clients are from all walks of life, and each of them has a unique set of goals. I thoroughly enjoy using this broad spectrum of experience to help people think, act and be more organized.

I am a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and of the New England chapter.


Whether you struggle with chronic disorganization or find yourself in a situation where the clutter and chaos has recently taken over, I can help.  In the same way that people hire trainers to attain their personal fitness goals, I can provide expertise and support to attain your organizational goals.

As a professional organizer, I can draw on years of experience with a variety of clients to:

  • offer the best solution for you
  • hold you accountable to your goals
  • teach you skills that you will be able to use on your own

When you are trying to get and stay organized, getting started can be the hardest part.  You can do it, and I can help.

Contact me. Start today!

Home Organizing

Home Organizing

My residential organizing services consist of room-by-room evaluation, clean-out, strategy implementation, and maintenance services for every area and function of your house. My service begins with a complimentary consultation to understand your goals and to determine the scope of your project.

Office Organizing

Office Organizing

I can help you and your small business function more efficiently at work and get more done. This process starts with an assessment of your current systems for paper and electronic file management and gaining an understanding of your work flow. Then, customized strategies are developed and implemented. (more…)

Life Organizing

Life Organizing

Becoming and remaining more organized in all areas of life is more attainable than it might sound. The required skills of goal-setting and time management can be learned.  When you change how you think about being organized and create new habits that support those shifts in thinking, a magical thing happens: you start exhibiting different behaviors…those of an organized person!


My diverse client base includes corporate executives, artists, doctors, people living with ADD, newly-relocated families, writers, moms, people challenged by chronic disorganization, children, elderly persons, small business owners, and- believe it or not- other professional organizers.  Read on to learn what they have to say about our work together.

“Leslie’s wide-ranging organizational skills go far beyond the always-sensible, efficient, common-sense solutions she offers. Whether for my files and supplies, check-payment system, reading piles, or management of the ever-expanding collection of my young daughter’s art projects, Leslie offers dependably custom-tailored suggestions based upon her astute insights into my personal dynamics, the boundaries of my perceptions, and my sense of relative logic. It is liberating to know that Leslie will consistently formulate uncommonly creative ideas that will work perfectly for me.”

Debbie Waldman

“Working with Leslie has brought great satisfaction, helping me work smarter and more efficiently. Leslie listens well, gets the big picture, and creates an organizational framework to meet your needs. She’s very personable, extremely reliable, and has great follow through. Definitely worth the investment made.”

Deborah Burke Henderson

“Leslie’s patience, encouragement and support helped me through many hours of sorting through piles and making decisions. She gauged my energy level and encouraged me to keep going. I know I couldn’t have done it alone, and I highly recommend her services.”

J. Crane

“Leslie has helped me tremendously and is a pleasure to work with. In addition to understanding the professional organizing business and offering a bag full of tricks, she taps into her social work background to provide assistance tailored to an individual’s style and needs. She watches my work patterns, asks smart questions and listens to my concerns, then provides thoughtful and insightful recommendations about how to solve my problem or improve my (and my office’s) performance. Always professional, she is patient, creative and fun – a great combo!”

Penny Wells

“Leslie’s ideas about how to more effectively use our office space have transformed our small business. We have a fresh and professional appearance that makes it more fun to be in the office, and the new layout has made us more efficient. Things are stored where we use them, and we know exactly what we have. We spend less time looking for things and trying to carry out daily tasks.”

Jacob H.

“Leslie was such a great help to me – to find my own organizing preferences as well as to learn about trends in how to stay organized. I love my new workspace!”

Michelle Girasole

“Even after watching Leslie turn her organizing skills into a successful business, I was hesitant to show her what was lurking behind our always-closed-when-someone-comes-over home office door. Without judgment, she helped us through boxes of old paperwork, memorabilia, and junk. In one afternoon, she took a room I always hid and made it a functional place where we get things done. And it was pretty too! When we were expecting our baby in the spring of 2010, I jumped at the chance to have her help me set up the nursery. She again took the chaotic piles of baby gear and worked them into our baby’s adorable bedroom. She has also set up a system for storing all of those same items until we need them again.”

Kim Haskins

“Sometimes the accumulations of a lifetime can be overwhelming. You know you don’t need or want all that stuff, but you just don’t know how to tackle the paring down and organizing of it. Leslie not only got me started, but she’s kept me going. The process has lightened and enhanced my life considerably and basically changed how I look at stuff in general. Working with Leslie has been a life-changing experience.”

Corinne Riley


Q: Do I need to be present during organizing sessions?
A: Absolutely. I firmly believe that clients need to participate fully in the organizing process. We will work together to make the changes necessary to meet your goals.

Q: Shouldn’t I be able to do this without help?
A: People have different abilities, strengths and interests. Similarly to people who hire accountants to do their taxes or personal trainers to help them get into shape, people who hire professional organizers do so to enlist expert help to complete the project efficiently. A professional organizer can draw on years of experience with a variety of clients to offer the best solution for you, will hold you accountable to your goals, and can teach you skills that you will be able to use on your own.

Q: How long will it take?
A: This depends on the scope of your project, the pace at which you prefer to work, and the amount of work you are able to complete between our sessions.

Q: What is your fee structure?
A: I charge on an hourly basis with payment due at the time of service. Sessions are typically 3-4 hours in length, though this is determined on a case-by-case basis to accommodate special considerations such as ADD and physical restrictions.

Q: Will I be forced to get rid of possessions like you see on TV?
A: No. You have the say when determining if an item will stay or be let go. My role is to help you meet your stated goals for the functionality and appearance of your space. I will challenge you as needed to ensure that you are making decisions that are consistent with your goals, but I will never force you to part with something.

Q: What is the hardest part of the process?
A: Getting started.


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